Welcome to a preview of my debut release!


My debut album (currently untitled) was recorded at Vibromonk Studios by Grammy award-winning sound engineer Dany Shatzky. It features the world acclaimed bassist Omer Avital, Gadi Lehavi on piano and Itay Morchi on drums. The horn section features Yonatan Peled on trombone, Yonatan Guedj on alto saxophone, Edo Gur on trumpet and Alexander Levin on tenor saxophone-all who I met at a wondrous place called “Wilson Live," the hidden gem that is rapidly becoming very much unhidden. 


Wilson Live is Omer’s underground recording studio and jazz club in Brooklyn, who along with many others have shaped the overflowing sense of “home” here. I like to call it a 'playground’ for emerging artists to grow together and express themselves freely. Particularly during the atemporal nature of the pandemic, it became my safe haven. And I wanted to capture that spirit through my album.

This album marks many things at once…

It marks personal growth. It is this “eternal becoming” stage that I find myself in often. Almost recorded a year ago and finished recently, it represents a time of my life where I’m quickly evolving and reflecting on “where I’ve been” and “where I’m headed.” 


It marks my emergence. My arrival. My rebirth.


Overall, this album is about the moment. I invite you to celebrate it with me!


I’m overjoyed to share this project with you. This is for your ears only. 






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