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Lucy Wijnands is a singer and visual artist based in NYC. Now a recent graduate and the Ella Fitzgerald scholar at the Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase, Wijnands has been named the 1st place winner of the 4th annual 2021 Ella Fitzgerald Vocal Competition. Wijnands has been described as “Outstanding Jazz Vocalist” in Downbeat Magazine.

Wijnands believes singing is her calling, and storytelling is her passion. Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, she got her start performing with her father, master of stride piano, Bram Wijnands. Wijnands savored the moments she spent time in the Missouri countryside, as it allowed her to curiously try and capture these moments of rawness and beauty in her music. Wijnands aspires to create similar moments of wonderment for others by combining her visual art with her singing. 


To Wijnands, the uncontrolled, exuberant and intuitive nature of her painting has unlocked liberating impulses in her singing. Together, Wijnands believes this combustible mix can bring to life the range of human impulses that exist in all of us. 

The synthesis of painting and singing is the driving force of Wijnands’ vision, as she believes it can open up a world of exploration, curiosity and healing. Wijnands aspires to magnify the importance of interdisciplinary art around the world by continuing to sing, share and create. 


Wijnands is preparing to release a live album, “Lucy Live at Wilson.” Recorded at Wilson Live  Studios in Brooklyn, this album captures an organic sound, the unique spirit of this young artist community and the tenderness in Wijnands’  performance with her father and peers. 



“Static” is an album consisting of all new music that branches away from traditional jazz music and into a sound that is uniquely Wijnands’ own.


More details coming soon…

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Birdland Jazz Club and Theater, Smalls Jazz Club, Mezzrow Jazz Club, Jazz at Lincoln Center's Appel Room, Jazz Forum Arts, The Django, Don't Tell Mama's, La Grenouille, Cafe Loup, Casa Cipriani, Louis Armstrong Museum, Charlie Parker Festival, the Blue Room, the Green Lady Lounge, the Black Dolphin, the Majestic Steakhouse, Jardine's,  Endless Mountain Music Festival, the Binnenhof, the Performing Arts Center at Purchase College, the Solomon Gadles Mikwosky Recital Hall. 

Graduated magna cum laude from SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music as the Ella Fitzgerald Scholar. Received President's Award of Achivement, allowing Wijnands to travel to Tokyo, Japan and perform as SUNY Purchase's cultural ambassador. 

Now and the Future

Won the 4th Annual Ella Fitzgerald Vocal Competition, 2021. Currently working on her debut jazz album, "Lucy Live at Wilson," and her visionary album, "You'll Never Walk Alone." The goal in these two projects is to reach audiences around the world and make a meaningful impact on people's lives with her music and visual art. 

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