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“Something Awaits” is the debut album of Lucy Wijnands. Recorded in the stillness of the pandemic, just after Lucy graduated from college, the music of “Something Awaits” represents the singer’s navigation through a bewildering time of creative interruption then explosion, transforming despair into hope, surrendering to the unknown, and trusting what is to come. In the end, it captures the essential tension of making art, which Lucy describes as “being lost and found all at once.”


 The six-track album features a composition by her father (a stride piano master) titled, “Always and Forever,” with Lucy’s original lyric, and two other originals by her and bassist Omer Avital. The three remaining cuts are an eclectic mix of well-loved, but less-expected tunes from outside the jazz canon. 


What awaited Lucy was a timely move from sought-after guest artist on others’ albums to independent creator with her own distinct and mature vision, worthy of her own spotlight. What awaits the listener is a remarkably rich but thoroughly youthful voice that gives lyrics a most enchanting place to dwell. “Something Awaits” was recorded and mixed in Brooklyn, New York, at Vibromonk by recording engineer Dany Shatzky. It was mastered by Cam Perridge. "Something Awaits" is on all streaming platforms and is available for download on amazon music.

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